Day 153/365 - On communication



How can I communicate? How do I communicate my truth so that I’m in alignment with myself while not hurting anyone’s feelings? How can I be direct but kind at the same time?

How can I understand others? How can I tune into their pain empathetically without absorbing any of it? How do I set boundaries yet lend a listening ear? How do I accept differences in thought? Can I accept that someone’s opinion, no matter how misguided or misconstrued, is as valuable as my own, though I may have a million reasons and facts backing mine up? Who has the answers? Who knows the highest truth?

I’m finally getting to explore myself, my values, and purpose, outside of anyone else’s opinion. How can I hear others politely while filtering out what I actively listen to? Must I tune them out? Or just tell them that I respect their opinion, but must follow my own? They seem to think I’m selfish when I tell them which road I’m choosing to take, because they expect me to argue or plead with them to follow me. But I don’t need followers. The only following I need is people to be inspired and decide what choices they will make for themselves, and it doesn’t have to be the same choice as my own. As long as it’s aligned with their truth and purpose, and they feel proud to be making them, that will serve the highest good. Everyone has a choice. The hard part is making one. My choices have consequences, and my decisions may turn out to be mistakes or failures. Still, I’m willing to try and make them anyway. At the very least I’ll learn valuable lessons along the way.