Day 146/365 - On international flights



Ah flying. It’s so enticing in theory, but somehow between walking shoe-less and being flagged up and down, examined and felt up, the hype dissipates pretty rapidly. Combined with little legroom and being confined to a chair for hours, between people who will probably be annoyed at you getting up to go to the bathroom or just to stretch your legs...Can you tell I’m a fan? No really, I’m very grateful to the inventions of airplanes and high-speed travel...I just like to be comfortable during the process.

I’ve only flown first class once, and only by mistake of the airline - which they apologized for by upgrading me and a friend! That was the most amazing flight, with plenty of leg and arm room, delicious gourmet meals and waiting service, as well as the most comfortable reclining seats and goodie bags including facial toner mist and an eye cover. I slept like a baby through the whole flight that time!

Anyway, the trip I currently undertook was a bit heavy and hectic in the transportation department, in hindsight. I don’t know why we thought it would be a good idea to fly to Norway for a total of 3 days including roundtrip travel time...That means we only have a full day there and 2 measly half-days. Still, I’m very excited to go - we’re staying at the Juvet hotel!