Day 170/365 - On Damiana

Flowering damiana

Flowering damiana


Damiana is touted as the classic aphrodisiac herb. But did you know it’s mechanism is mostly attributed to nourishing the nervous system, which in turn can put people ‘in the mood.’

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca/diffusa)

  1. Aromatic, spicy herb
  2. Nervous system tonic, for stagnant depression
  3. Strengthens hormonal and nervous system
  4. History of aphrodisiac use - stimulate libido
    1. Puts you at ease
    2. Animal studies demonstrate it
    3. Acts like testosterone?
  5. Carminative (helps digest, dispels gas)
  6. Urinary antiseptic, people who get UTI’s (urinary tract infections) when stressed