Day 159/365 - On herbal stress busters, part 2



Today is the day! Or tonight is the night, I should say. Carly Wertheim and I taught our first class at Radicle Herb Shop in Brooklyn. It was a raving success! We started with a brief meditation and getting the feel of where the stress manifests in our bodies. Then we learned about what role stress plays in the body for the purpose of protecting us, such as the fight or flight response. A balanced nutritious diet can help nourish our adrenal and nervous systems, such as good quality proteins, vegetables and omega-3 acids from fish and nuts. Herbs can provide nutrients for these vital systems as well, and can serve as long-term tonics to support the body and mind. Some herbs, called nervines, act directly on the nervous system to restore function, calm and relax. They can help ease mental exhaustion as well as physical muscle tension, or other manifestations such as sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat.

Lastly, we had an interactive demo of how to make stress-free chocolate truffles! Mmm they were delicious! Try the recipe for yourself!