Day 155/365 - On high school reunions



I don’t want to age myself but...It’s been 10 years since I graduated high school! I can’t believe it! I was hesitant about attending the official unofficial reunion planned by a fellow graduate…in the end I drove up to the place with my husband, paused and stalled, and finally went in. I decided to create a little social experiment for myself. I was curious if I would behave the same way as an adult among the same circumstances and people as I did as a teen. My hypothesis was that I’d act exactly the same way and connect with exactly the same people. And I was pretty much right on the money, although pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to (re)connect. I saw a sea of familiar faces, among them people I saw around but never spoke to, which didn’t change at this juncture. A lot of people were happy to come up to me, and I was brave enough to connect to some others. I didn’t remember everyone’s names, but I remembered everyone who I used to talk to on a regular basis. It was a pleasant and welcoming environment. The planning was wonderful, and included a quiz, a ‘favorite experience’ post-it challenge and a professional photographer to capture it all. I don’t know that I’ll see these people ever again, but it’s nice to know that it would be easy to reach out if I wanted to. Another pleasant surprise was that almost everyone  aged extremely well and looked exactly the same as in high school! Older, wiser, but still young in body and soul - go Midwood class of 2007!