Day 124/365 - On health podcasts


I don’t consider myself to have an addictive personality, but the closest addiction I have is to continue learning, especially on the topic of health & wellness. I’ve been obsessed with reading self-help as well as theoretical books, taking courses to enhance my education and become business-savvy, and consistently clicking on links to articles in my e-mail subsciptions that sounded remotely valuable. I’ve taken free seminars and courses, and paid for a lot of them as well.

However, there were frequently certain difficulties with time management, for me to take advantage of all of these resources. I found the best success with lessons I can listen to, such as audio or video lectures. That’s when it hit me: the one resource I haven’t tapped into yet (like loads of people around me have been doing) - are podcasts! There is an abundance of podcasts out there on a variety of different topics, that I can access at the tip of my fingertips from any device, and listen to it on thego! I can listen when I do housework, like cooking and washing the dishes [or even medicine making - like chopping herbs and roots for tincturing fresh or drying for infusions or decoctions.] The best part of them is that they are free (although there may be a few commercials in the mix, oh well)!

Just this past week I’ve discovered a ton of cool podcasts in the field of health, herbal medicine, and esoteric topics. Here are a few that I’d like to share:

  1. The Ultimate Health Podcast (Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman)
  2. AlcheMystic Arts: Herbal Q&A
  3. The Herb Nerd Podcast
  4. HerbMentor Radio
  5. HiPPie WiTCH: Magick For A New Age

Hope you enjoy just like me!