Day 137/365 - On the secret skin healer



I’ve written about it before - but I’ll say it again: I’m obsessed with propolis. My new fave is Susanna Raven’s tincture blend from Raven Crest Botanicals. It’s incredibly potent yet not abrasive like other alcoholic preparations, and delicious when used internally.

It’s a great first aid tool to take at the first sign of respiratory illness, such as sore throat or inflamed lymph nodes, or cough. It seals off healthy tissue from unhealthy, and stimulates the process of regeneration and cleanup from a noxious agent. Topically, it’s a great ‘liquid bandage’ over a surface wound. I recently used it for several cuts and scrapes, and it helped in cases of paper cuts as well as deeper wounds (i.e. Almost slicing finger off...yikes). It’s also recommended to use in case of insect/tick bites - both on the area bitten and internally to boost immune response.

Another use I personally found for it is for acne. It’s a mild antiseptic agent for acne caused by bacteria, and also helps heal old inflamed and irritated skin and scabs. I’m never leaving home without it!