Day 134/365 - On Mother’s Day



Someone said today: mother’s day is a nonsensical holiday, because it should really be celebrated every day. It’s so true - we should be conscious and grateful to our mothers daily! Thanks to them, we exist. Moreover, their love and care continued to nurture us after we left the womb, and for the lucky ones - continue even into our adult lives.

Someone else told me that you don’t realize how much you take your mom for granted until you become one. I wouldn’t personally know but imagine this to be true. It’s impossible to be a perfect person, let alone a perfect parent! No matter how many issues one may have with their upbringing, the good almost always outweighs the bad. We need to keep that in context and understand that most people do the best they can.

I personally like this holiday for highlighting our love for our moms. Maybe we do take our mothers for granted, and it’s important to step back and reevaluate. I propose taking some time out daily to reflect on our gratitude for our mothers for bringing us into this Earth; and also the Earth for being the Great Mother for us all.