Day 128/365 - On herbal CSAs, continued

Can you identify these plants?

Can you identify these plants?


(Continued from yesterday’s post on Sacred Warrior/Sawmill Farms CSA)

The second CSA is through one of my herbalism teachers at Arbor Vitae, Nathaniel Whitmore. He had a wide array of herbs to choose from: Japanese knotweed, barberry root, burdock root, calamus root, dandelion leaves and roots, giant chickweed, violet leaves, sassafras branches and flowers, white willow bark, black walnut bark, cherry bark, lovage root and leaves, angelica root and leaves, and many more that I’m probably forgetting. They were locally sourced and of superb quality - fresh off his farm! I was really impressed with the variety and the fact that no part of the plant was wasted: the branches and roots came with leaves, and/or flowers. It took me a long while to chop the herbs up, and process for drying or tincturing fresh. Kept me busy for a few days!

I’m so excited to try the medicine when it’s ready!

P.S. I’ve also made food with the violet leaves, giant chickweed and lovage leaves - in salad and soup. (And the lovage leaves and roots definitely showed their effect immediately - urinary frequency tripled over the course of one day!).