Day 127/365 - On herbal CSAs


In addition to my food CSA, I now have also signed up to CSAs for medicinal herbs! I signed up for one with Sawmill Herb Farm via Vanessa Chakour’s Sacred Warrior program. There are several drop-off locations in Brooklyn available, including Radicle Herb Shop, Remedies Herb Shop and an integrative professional workspace called We had the first share a few days ago, discussed early spring herbs and energy, and made a tincture together in class. The following herbs were delivered, packed neatly in brown bags and labeled accordingly: chickweed herb, burdock root, Japanese knotweed, and dandelion roots and leaves.

We tasted infusions and tinctures of burdock root and spoke about our sensations and experience of it. Burdock is a grounding earthy root, and many people find that it comforts them, and feels like a dear old friend. It’s warming, calming, and rich in inulin - an excellent prebiotic sugar source for your beneficial gut flora (the root is white inside!). It acts to detoxify and support liver function, and as an alterative - helping to eliminate toxins through the kidneys and skin as well to help take the load off the liver. It balances skin oils - whether dry or oily/acne-prone types, and helps stagnant pustules under the skin to come to a head. In Turkey, the idea of the ‘evil eye’ was based on the burdock leaf and root. No wonder many people find the comfort by drinking the root or by wearing it as a talisman! Personally, I have developed a relationship with burdock as well and love its nourishing taste and protective energetics.