Day 94/365 - On packing for a trip



Going away is always exciting - something to look forward to, a break from the usual routine, and a chance to leave your worries behind for bit. However, packing for a trip always seems daunting somehow, and often feels like another extra stressor lurking around before you can go ahead and start enjoying the coveted vacation time.

Being in the health industry, I allot for extra time to pack preventative and emergency remedies. Especially when going to remote places or foreign countries, it’s better to have supplies on hand that are tried and proven by you. I take my little vials and herbal remedies, as well as vitamins and first-aid supplies, for things that I know I’m susceptible for. I also take sunblock (zinc oxide based or St. John’s Wort oil) and after-sun lotion (calendula cream, aloe vera), as well as natural insect repellant (main ingredient: catnip essential oil).

My new go-to cure-all is Susanna Raven’s propolis tincture. She says that if there was one thing she could take on an isolated island, it would be that - and I totally agree! The bees use it to seal off bacteria, and even ‘mummify’ mice that get into the hive with it! It forms a seal on external or mucosal (mouth, gums) wounds and sores, and has great affinity for respiratory illness/sore throats. It acts as a liquid bandage on skin, and adds extra protection when added to toothpaste or mouthwash. It really almost does it all, and is my new number one travel companion!

Marina BuksovComment