Day 93/365 - On alone time



Maybe I’m just an introvert, but I love just having some ‘me’ time: without company or distractions, alone with my thoughts. It’s not often that I have this luxury, which is probably why I value it all the more. On a daily basis, there are often social situations to take part in at work or school, and in family life. In fact, it’s very hard to escape the presence of other people, other voices and opinions. It’s often so loud between everyone else’s ideas and body language, that it’s hard to hear oneself think!

This is why alone time is so precious. Some people find solace and comfort in meditation, which is all about dedicating a set amount of time in the day for clearing the mind. Sitting and breathing, and letting go of all thought, can calm down mental chatter and bring clarity and peace. But meditation aside, there are plenty of other means to get intune with onself. Taking a relaxing bath, painting or drawing, writing in a journal, listening to your favorite music (trip-hop anyone?), playing an instrument, or even cooking and cleaning! Any action can be done with mindfulness and full attention, which would keep the mind from wandering to other thoughts. Doesn’t that sound like a meditation of sorts?

Whether or not someone is a social butterfly or a quiet shy observer on the sidelines, spending some time alone can be extremely therapeutic. In the quiet space, you can attune to your inner voice, evaluate your situation more clearly, and plan for the future. You can choose any form of ‘quieting’ the mind, and dedicate special ‘me’ time as frequently as warranted - maybe even every day for a few minutes? Creating that routine and allowing yourself that space will faciliate self-love and healing, in a subtle yet profound way.

Marina BuksovComment