Day 91/365 - On April fools


Yesterday was truly a day of April showers, come a day early. Today was pretty grim and cool, but at least not a persistent torrential downpour like yesterday. But as they say, there’s no bad weather - just bad clothing (see previous post). So we just have to be prepared, and dress accordingly. Luckily, there are apps at our fingertips to help us navigate the ever-changing weather, so we can gauge the temperature to the exact degree!

This is a tricky time of year, because as the seasons change, people start undressing more rapidly than warranted! I get it, everyone’s excited for spring after a looong winter - I mean, it’s April already!? But still, a cautious approach would save you from over-confidently putting your immunity at risk. It’s still damp and muggy in the air, despite the growing days and rays of sunshine; add bone-chilling New York wind to the mix, and you got yourself a recipe for microbes to enter your exposed lungs! So don’t put away that scarf just yet, because it may be just what you need to keep the chill away.

There are also warming herbs and herbs to increase circulation, which I will cover in my next post.