Day 112/365 - On Earth Day



What to say about Earth Day? It’s a beautiful day, and every day is on this earth is beautiful. Sometimes I remember to be mindful, and while I walk I start to slow down and pay attention to the ‘little things.’ I notice what’s around me, as if it’s my first time walking down the street, or my first visit to the city, or even to the country or the planet. I notice how good it feels to breathe deeply, to be able to savor the breath of life, the prana, the force that gives life. I pay attention to the temperature of the air, whether it’s a cool crisp wind of winter, or the warm and sunny wrap of summer. I look at the plants growing all around and under my feet, whether in well-kept yards or in abandoned lots, and even through cracks in the sidewalks of a densely populated and heavily cemented metropolis. I see animals all around, whether the well-groomed and pampered pets of loving owners, or the ones scurrying down streets or rolling around on patches of greenery. This takes only an instant, but it both takes me out of my body and brings me back even more fiercely. I am one with the universe, one with Earth, and one with myself in this one moment. And this realization and gratitude is enough to have a beautiful day ahead.