Day 110/365 - On pharmacist-nutritionists



Speaking of topics, I almost forgot to mention - I collaborated on producing an ebook with a group of fellow pharmacist-nutritionists!

This is what Dr. Christina Tarantola, PharmD, CHC, who spearheaded the collaboration, has to say about the book:

“To say I am proud of these women is a huge understatement. For months I have had the privilege of working with amazing pharmacists in our Rx4Success Coaching Group who are committed to making an impact in the realm of pharmacy + health.

Today we finalized our new group ebook, Master Your Health in 5 Simple Steps!

Yes, we are pharmacists AND we also know that lifestyle change + positive mindset are the keys to success!

In this ebook you will:

🔹Discover the tools that resonate with YOU and can help you create an action plan to get to your goals

🔸Shift your mindset to one that is flexible and willing to try a new approach

🔹Maximize your nutrition and activity efforts

🔸Create a customized plan that works for YOU

🔹Enjoy your health journey!”

Christina and her fiance are founders of both the Rx4Success Coaching for pharmacists, and The Fit Pharmacist™, a consulting service. They have tons of useful information on the website, as well as informative newsletters. They coach people to manage their medications better, and encourage diet and lifestyle changes to support clients in their health journeys. They have been an invaluable resource to me personally, in the Rx4Success Coaching, to help me develop a business model and spread my message.

The ebook, Master Your Health in 5 Simple Steps!, is available from my website for free, for a limited time, for signing up to our newsletter! Take advantage today and learn how to manifest your best health.