Day 109/365 - On stamina


It’s becoming so hard to think of topics to write about, let alone have enough time and energy in the day to sit down and write. The only thing keeping me going is my promise to myself and my stubbornness. I’m determined to keep this blog going. It’s a symbol of my stamina, my passion, my strength, my will.

I was thinking of downgrading to once weekly posts, but I’m set on doing 365 blogs in one year. I kind of cut myself some slack already by not being timely or extremely consistent with the posts, but I plan to catch up. Ultimately, I’d like to set a schedule of writing in advance and then having automatic posts daily. Baby will happen. As soon as I reorganize my life and declutter (see day 106), I will organize and prioritize my scheduling of posts. Yes!

What struggles in stamina and scheduling do you face? Comment below.