Day 108/365 - On field botany

My field botany in Brooklyn, NY

My field botany in Brooklyn, NY


Yesterday I was looking for a spot in Brooklyn to do some field botany. I got my tree, shrub and flower field identification guides and set out to find greenery in a concrete jungle. I didn’t find any abandoned lots with sprawling weeds, but I did find some minimally kempt small lots in front of apartment buildings.

In broad daylight, when most people would be working on a Monday afternoon, I still got a bunch of weird glances and comments my way. People seemed to find it odd to find me scrutinizing small ‘weedy’ flowers, shrubs, and trees.

“That’s a cherry tree,” a helpful passerby volunteered.

“I need to identify the exact species,” I answered, smiling. According to my guide, it was indeed sweet cherry.

Luckily, no one told me to get off the property so I was able to take my time and finish my work. It was a wonderful time. It was healing. The plants like it when you pay attention to them, take notice and slow down to their rhythm. I can’t wait to have a plot of land of my own to grow medicinal herbs and even weeds in!