Day 102/365 - On Sacred Warrior



I looked back on the trip and realized just how beautiful a place I got to enjoy over the last few days. I biked everywhere since everything was so close. I disconnected from my phone and other technology (that’s why I’m catching up to the blogs now - will take me a while!). I was in close proximity to plants, animals and the amazing beaches, with milk-soft warm water, open skies and [walking] palm trees; my favorite spot became black sand beach, extra therapeutic due to the magnetic volcanic rock dispersed in the sand.

As for the elements, we need to first be deeply rooted and grounded to have a strong a powerful foundation. Then we can start to fill with water, adding fluidity and dreaming to our movements; we need to be able to go with the flow rather than be too rigid and risk breaking. Next, the element of fire can help us spark new ideas of change, and create the momentum to transform and manifest. Finally, the rest of the space can be filled with air - to give us lightness, and breathe new life into ourselves, and communicate that outward.

Marina BuksovComment