Day 96/365 - On cab politics



So, we finally arrived to the right country - check! Great success! On the other hand, what an adventure! Navigating the way to the local hotel proved a bit difficult, as there are many cab companies waiting on tourists at the airport, and they practically try to solicit you into their own cab and grab your luggage to help load it.

-Not so fast mister, my hotel said they pay for official taxi tabs!

-It’s going to be a long wait, I only charge $12. - As he already packed all the bags in….Grrr. We did have a 14-hour cumulative travel time!


Of course, the hotel didn’t cover the tab of the ‘unofficial’ taxi fare. Fine. The restaurant is a bit expensive but has good food, and we don’t need too much as we are exhausted. Breakfast is buffet-style. It’s modest but good quality, and we enjoy some out in the mini-patio/garden.

The next cab experience we have, this time with the ‘official’ taxi the hotel hailed, is no better. The driver drops us off at the other end of the bus station, not the North Terminal like I asked. We must take another cab now, to catch our 10am bus to Puerto Viejo de Limon. The cabbie spikes the fare due to ‘traffic’ (he must not have been in NY traffic!). I end up giving him the only cash I have, which is between the real price and his price - two can play those games! (Plus he didn’t take credit card…)

The city bus turns out to be pretty nice though, and we make one rest stop in the 4.5 hour drive. The landscape is changing from city, to jungle, to beach. I forget about cabs and enjoy the ride.

Marina BuksovComment