Day 95/365 - On one letter differences



Today I found out the value of spelling as drilled by elementary school teachers to their students. I always knew good grammar and writing show skills such as organization and professionalism, and can make or break an impression. However, I didn’t know one letter would make a world of difference, quite literally and even tragically.

To be more concrete and with complete disclosure, I’ll give you the context: booking airfare for flights to SJU instead of SJO...well you can see where this is going. Instead of arriving at San Jose, Costa Rica, I found myself in San Juan, Puerto Rico! Boy was I shocked! Did I really make those bookings? But my itinerary from SkyScanner says “Costa Rica itinerary!” Hmm, I manually typed that title in… How careless! How silly! Maybe in some time it will be funny, but I was super upset that my absent mindedness about one alphabetical letter landed me in a different country, literally! I was spending my vacation time in the wrong destination!

Long story short, American Airlines helped us out and changed our flights there and back (small price to pay, considering there are no direct flights, etc.). We were able to get rebooked immediately and got on two more planes to finally arrive to San Jose. I’ll tell you what, I’m never making that mistake again! Hopefully with any other booking to any event, or just anything...As my dad always says, measure twice, cut once!

Marina BuksovComment