Day 89/365 - On taking walks


Diet and exercise are great additions to any healthy lifestyle, but nothing beats a nice scenic walk. Even in a concrete-and-skyscraper filled city like our beloved NYC, there are tons of places to enjoy a brisk walk out in nature. There are city parks (Central, Prospect, Riverside, Battery, etc.), boardwalks and beaches (Brighton and Coney Island Beach, Rockaway, etc.), the promenade and South Seaport with breathtaking views of the water and towering skyline, and many more public and more intimate parts.

Today as I walked along the boardwalk on Brighton Beach, I was reminded that walking and breathing the salty sea air is accessible to us, daily. Though we may complain about the hustle-and-bustle of NY, we are also lucky to live on this coastal port-town. The geography of the city is what made it gain popularity in the first place! Another thing that makes the city super special is that it was built on a natural source of amethyst. No wonder it’s so magnetic!

With so many forces at play, NY is both a place of a multitude of competing energies, and a beacon to all seeking a little magic in their lives. It can be a source of stress for many, but most of all it creates wonder and hope, with every breath of air consciously taken on walks.