Day 64/365 - On herbal resources

Day 65

Since I’ve been studying herbalism, I have been asked by more science-trained people (pharmacists, doctors, etc.) for resources that I use. I wanted to share some amazing and reputable resources - whether you are starting out in your own studies or if you’ve been trained in another field. Here they are:

  1. Herbalist&Alchemist (David Winston has great educational webinar resources as well, and the Herbal Therapy and Supplements is a great summary of herbs and herb-drug interactions)
  2. (good online herb reference, with historical uses of plants and links to herbalists)
  3. Altnature (good for historical uses and cultivating, from herbalist perspective)
  4. HerbMentor (great for beginner herbalists, with interactive program and videos; most features are not free)
  5. MedicineHunter (good for traditional plant medicine, with historical uses, and spiritual and emotional aspect)
  6. Floracopeia (good resource for aromatherapy and essential oil history and uses)

Let me know some of your favorite resources! Comment below.