Day 64/365 - On shrooms

Day 64

Since I began to study herbalism, I got a newfound respect for mushrooms. The fungi kingdom is actually more closely related to animals (and therefore humans) than the plant kingdom, and as such offers us a lot of potential symbiotic benefits. Although plants give us oxygen, and support our bodies and spirits with phytochemicals and energetics, mushroom constituents are more easily assimilated into human system. They provide various types and sizes of polysaccharide chains, which are immunomodulating, anticarcinogenic and cardio/hepatoprotective. 

There is a long history of use of mushrooms in medicine, and reports of better health in areas where foraging is common compared to areas of similar climate and lifestyle without mushroom consumption. The scientific body of evidence for medicinal uses of mushrooms is only growing. It’s also inspiring to see the public interest in mushrooms starting to peak now. Check out the Mushroom Academy courses by Four Sigmatic for more information and free education! Also, the Group Growing campaign will teach you have to grow mushrooms from home to get all the benefits of foraging.