Day 87/365 - On Vegan Herbal Pesto!


As part of my curriculum at Arbor Vitae, I get to watch demonstrations of various herb preparations, and as a bonus taste culinary delights of herbal food preparations made in class. Then, I get to experiment all over again when I get home, and whip up my own creations from modified recipes. This week I made a vegan 3-herb pesto that turned out pretty delicious, if I may say so myself! Check out the recipe here.

The three herbs I used have a plethora of medicinal benefits:

  1. Parsley: great for gentle spring cleansing, affinity for urinary tract

  2. Gotu kola: revered ayurvedic highly herb, healing for the skin when used internally or externally

  3. Sage: sacred herb, pungent, aromatic - used spiritually for ‘clearing the air’ of bad energy, to ‘dry up’ substances (such as lactation suppression), and even to reverse osteoporosis, plus many more uses
Marina BuksovComment