Day 61/365 - On dreaming of a better tomorrow

Day 61

I have a dream.

I dream of a future where people learn from the past and present, to progress to a better tomorrow.

I dream that medical care will build from the ground up, nurturing our young and instilling preventative measures to maintain good health.

I dream that community will come together and accept each others’ differences, rejoicing in the human bond we all share.

I dream that parent take great interest in raising their children with love, compassion, affection and encouragement.

I dream that teachers give personal attention to students, encouraging to ask questions and help solve them together.

I dream that doctors really listen to their patients, and get to know them as people with personal histories, emotional stresses, family intricacies, and creative pursuits.

I dream that when you come in with complaints of skin issues or allergies, the first thing you get recommended is to monitor food and emotional triggers (and not just prescribed a pill or cream).

I dream that diet and lifestyle management really will become first line treatment, and not just an offhand comment.

I dream that diet and lifestyle would inherently be optimized for each person, through better food growing and sourcing, and plenty of time devoted to connecting with nature and recreational sports/activities.

I dream that we become more open with our children and teenagers about our values, and teach them to enjoy life rather than fear it.

I dream that we educate future generations to cherish their bodies and nature.

I dream that we teach self-care and sexual education better.

I dream that fertility awareness methods get taught to young adults, to empower them to know their bodies and understand their cycles (to use for fertility or contraception).

I dream that we stop poisoning ourselves with all the physical, mental, and emotional pollutants that has become prevalent and ‘normal’ in today’s society.

I dream that humans learn from yesterday, for a better tomorrow. We can start today.