Day 85 - On singing and healing


Today at ArborVitae, we had the pleasure and honor of having a guest lecture by Susanna Raven from Raven Crest Botanicals. She is an herbalist, grower of medicinal plants and maker of a line of herbal products. In addition to following sustainable, non-pesticide, organic growing practices, Susanna teaches meditation and gratitude during harvesting. According to her, there is no greater healing power than making medicine from the plants you personally grew and harvested.

Besides being a knowledgeable herbalist and farmer, Susanna is a talented musician, singer and songwriter. She practices sound healing and performs with a band called Tribe of Love. Their new album is called Flower of Life, available on iTunes. Next week on March 31, there will be a Tribe of Love concert and Sacred Cacao at the Narayana Yoga center in Greenpoint. I highly recommend this truly heart-opening and sense-perception altering experience.

In class, Susanna taught horticulture and topical medicine preparation. She even demonstrated how to make her signature therapeutic products and we each got to take a freshly made balm and cream home. Above all, Susanna made a lasting powerful impression with a soft lyrical voice. Her slight frame houses a beautiful and strong personality. She labors physically in her garden, and her spirit soars when she practices plant healing and sound magic. I was deeply moved by her presence in class today. She is living proof that you can preach what you live, and that love is the greatest healer. When you understand that everything is interconnected, you can tap into that universal love.

Marina BuksovComment