Day 76/365 - On the Nature Conservancy

Day 76

I’m usually opposed to being accosted by marketing and promotional pitches, especially when I’m in a rush, as most New Yorkers are in the midst of their commute. But last week, as I was walking along a train pass to transfer Metro lines, I was approached by a friendly team of workers from the Nature Conservancy. Though I initially tried to brush them off, I quickly got intrigued by their pitch. 

The Nature Conservancy is an international organization that is donation-based (bonus: it’s completely tax-deductible). It has a lot of initiatives going on to help clean up our land, water, and air. In the cities, trees are being planted, and filtration efforts are being implemented at sea. 

So I decided I want to contribute to this fund. I want to help the efforts being made, with at least some sponsoring if not more directly with my time or hands. It’s everything to gain and nothing to lose, as far as I see it.