Day 59/365 - On tea drinking

Day 59

Wow, February sure flew by quick! It is a short month by calendar days, but it seemed extra short this year! So far we had a very volatile, mostly freakishly warm winter, exceptionally rainy and minimal snow. 

Still, rain or snow or shine, a hot cup of tea always makes the day better for me. I was always obsessed with tea, ever since I was little. Now, as an adult, I enjoy a wide variety of herbal and medicinal teas, having branched out from good ole Camellia sinensis. Besides varying levels of fermentation to get white, green or black tea, or the occasional oolong, there are tons more plant species that can be brewed as teas if you venture out a little. Even the most popular drink most of the world is hooked on, coffee - is a plant! 

Every culture in the world has a history of steeping and brewing herbal infusions for medicinal purposes and just for mere pleasure! Today at Radicle, a fellow herbalist intern and I came up with a pretty tasty blend that even made the main ingredient, bitter Gotu kola, taste good. Here are the ingredients, try it for yourself:
-2 parts Gotu kola
-1 part Schisandra berry
-1part Elderberry
-1 part Orange peel
-½ part Rosemary