Day 75/365 - On superpowers

Day 75

Today, I clicked on an e-mail link that sent me to a quiz to find out my secret superpower. I receive a ton of mail from inspirational and coaching subscriptions, and my inner child that believes in magic just had to click on it. 

It turned out, the superpowers determined by the quiz were not as far-fetched as it would seem. This wasn’t about accessing the supernatural; on the other hand it was about unlocking the very natural human powers we all possess. There are six possible ‘super’ powers that the quiz identifies: imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason and perception. 

The quiz was part of a promotion by Mary Morrissey, known as ‘the dream expert.’ She is a famous writer and speaker who studies what successful people have in common and is currently giving out a free e-book and workshop introduction on the subject. 

I was intrigued and signed up to learn more. By the way, my quiz result was Will. That means I can count on my inner voice to guide me to follow through on my planned actions. It’s different from the force of will, because it can’t be forced. In order to act on your desires, they must be manifested from an inner will, and not forced out. Want to know your superpower? Go ahead, take the quiz today!