Day 72/365 - On this moment

Day 72

Lucky number 13, though today is a Monday, not a Friday. Maybe that’s what makes it lucky?

Today was a reminder that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I can’t be anyone else, I can only be me (or perhaps I’m also a poet and I didn’t even know it?). I can’t compare myself to others; it doesn’t serve me to make myself feel either better or worse about my current situation. I am moving at my own pace, based on my own experiences and judgement calls. 

My past was my teacher, and the future is unknown. All that can be truly appreciated is the present moment. Too often we are depressed about what happened to us, or anxious about what is to come. But being caught up in these two states doesn’t solve anything; on the other hand it makes us miss the only thing that matters: this moment, now. 

This morning I was lucky to be reminded of this lesson by my teacher Amit, at Sakshi Bhava Yoga. This is a reminder that will serve us all well, and I want to remind myself of this as part of my daily practice. All we have is now, and we can choose to exist in this moment gracefully, and graciously. We can honor our bodies with good nourishment and physicality, our minds with intriguing conversation and education, and our emotions with positivity and peace. We can breathe through our pain and anguish, and know that the power of our breath and our joy will lift us up once more. We need to trust ourselves and our ability to persevere, come what may. So breathe in, and out, in this one moment, the only one that matters. Namaste.