Day 71/365 - On Daylight Savings

Day 71

Today was the dreaded day where we turn our clocks forward, effectively subtracting one hour of sleep from our lives. This means there is even less time in the day to do all the things we need to get done in a day. It got me to thinking: where are we in such a rush to anyway?

It seems that in today’s society, the motto is “Go, go, go (Ole, ole, ole…)!” If you are not going forward, then you are going backward. You may not stand still, because that is going backward as well. If you don’t have concrete accomplishments and achievements in your arsenal, you are not worthy. You have to get objectively evaluated for value and quality. You need letters after your name, degrees, certifications, and fancy job descriptions plus a wealth of experience behind you in order to get anywhere in the future. 

This is why we are all rushing, rushing through life and forgetting to savor the moment. We need to get through that checklist of accomplishments; we don’t have time to smell the coffee, or the flowers, or even our food! Maybe if we slowed down just a little bit, we would realize there are things we can be grateful for that are already in our possession. Maybe we can savor our meal, and taste each morsel, and be really satisfied by the texture and feel in our mouths and tummies. Maybe we can revel in the touch of silky materials in our homes or closets, maybe we can smile at our kids and our partners and our pets, our neighbors or even strangers on the street. Maybe it’s the little things that exist moment to moment that will really make a difference in our day, and in our lifetime.