Day 70/365 - On gift giving

Day 70

I think the best gifts are those that come from the heart, with love and consideration. It should show that the person thought about what you would appreciate the most. A good gift is one that the giftee will use, either because it’s something mundane they had a need for, or they consider it a splurge and would never get it for themselves. However, since it’s a gift, they can live a little and spoil themselves. A good friend will know these secret desires and can contribute to their fruition. 

A gift can be abstract, such as tickets to a show of a performance or an artshow, that was mentioned offhand by the giftee. It can grant the giftee a chance to experience something new and exciting. It can also be a subscription to a gift of the month club that the giftee would appreciate, whether due to the nature of the gifts or the idea behind the club, such as supporting artisanal craftsmen or organic farming. Or it can be something physical that shows effort and care put in, or better yet - handmade. It can be artwork, poetry, self-made card, article of clothing (scarf would be easiest), a hand-molded candle (with flowers and essential oils...mmm), or even a DIY project. 

I recently made a gift of DIY beauty care products. An easy recipe for a facial mist toner I made (and use myself) can be found here. Enjoy and get to creative gift giving this year!