Day 69/365 - On one-in-themselves

Day 69


Still going strong with my streak on femininity, today I want to put the spotlight on a show I recently watched: “One in themselves.” Produced by two foreign female artists of French and Italian backgrounds, this play is set in the quaint La Mama Experimental Theater right here in East Village. Not only is the theater itself intimate in its style and small audience capacity, but the show had the audience entranced with the intimate subject matter.

I was lucky to catch the front-row and center seat to the show, and was mesmerized the entire duration. The women on stage created an entire universe with scant few props and simple costumes, a couple of musical instruments and minimal lighting effects. They took us on a roller coaster ride of warring emotions, holding on by the brink to consciousness and sanity. They opened up the stage to reflect the state of their internal affairs and secrets buried deep in their hearts. Together, the actors and the audience analyzed one another via the thin veil between us, at times the illusion was almost shattered via the help of a magnifying glass carried by the women and aimed at us. In the end, there was a shocking revelation as one woman stood before us all, completely naked and vulnerable, open to one and all, and most importantly, herself.

The show is still playing until March 12 - catch the last performance on Sunday!