Day 67/365 - On feminine reawakening

Day 67

In light of International Women’s Day (observed everywhere but United States, it would seem), I wanted to dedicate this post to femininity. It seems that the world has once cherished the feminine, and recognized it in the divine, in  Mother Earth, in paintings, in culture, and tradition. The previous era, however, has lost its way and valued domination, war, and power over all else; the divine feminine forgotten and the gentleness and kindness with it. I’m happy to report that I sense a reawakening of the feminine; and I am not alone - far from it. Spirituality, new-ageism, eclectic writing, alternative medicine practices, yoga and meditation - all have brought awareness to honoring the feminine.

Everything needs to be in balance, of course. Yin and yang, black and white, physical and spiritual, faith and fact - all of these are inseparable extensions of one another. The masculine and feminine are two sides of the same coin, and both hold a firm place in our world and society. But it’s so nice to see a reawakening of femininity; cherishing our dual nature is a renaissance of sorts. 

There is power in softness, in understanding, in empathy and in nurturing. There is a saying, that water shapes even the toughest rock - and I believe that’s true of women. They are the quiet strength that hold families, communities and societies together. They are delicate and empathetic, yet perseverant and tenacious; loving and generous, yet diplomatic and just. Women are able to keep going despite obstacles; they show up for themselves and others who depend on them; they put their internal turmoil aside to motivate everyone around them. They are fragile but they are tough. Women are the secret glue holding the planet together and force breathing life into it.

P.S. Enjoy this song to celebrate your femininity!