Day 36/365 - On feeling discomfort...and doing it anyway

Day 36

Today it became apparent to me that we are faced with many decisions on a daily basis, and many of them are just plain uncomfortable! Those difficult choices, tough conversations, and sometimes painful confrontations are all hurdles that we frequently have to deal with through the course of life. 

However, trying as they may be, the most difficult patches of our paths are often the most necessary for our growth. We depend on building a strong base in order to support our tallest branches. We need a strong backbone in order to pick ourselves up and lift our heads higher each time we stray, stumble, or fall along our way. Each difficult and uncomfortable task we encounter is there to teach us something - whether humility, perseverance, or our true purpose.

Take a look around you, and see how much you have accomplished with your choices. Everything you have ever done has led you to this point. This also means that you hold the power to either reverse your progress down the road, or continue to build from this juncture. You hold the power in either way. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable making a choice, remember that the discomfort is your doorway to growth. As soon as you work up your muscles by stretching past your comfort zone, you can reach a new level of mastery.