Day 33/365 - On weight loss

Day 33

It astounds me how hooked on weight loss our society is becoming, and not just in America but worldwide. You can’t turn on the TV, laptop, radio, or walk by a store, or go to a cafe, without being exposed to talk of weight and theories of how to lose it. Meanwhile, obesity is more rampant than ever, and linked to that chronic metabolic diseases are on the rise.

I am also sickened by ‘fad diets’ and ‘magic pills’ that keep arising to provide a quick fix to a complicated issue. Useful herbs that have often been abused for their weight loss properties are now banned, because certain constituents were extracted and concentrated, and reportedly caused toxicity in people (for example Ma Huang, the Chinese Medicine herb that was marketed as ephedra standardized extract). Pharmaceuticals of similar action come with their own side effects, and are thus strictly monitored (some were also taken off the market, such as Phen-fen). The phrase ‘eat less, move more’ also doesn’t work, nor does counting calories.

The only thing that works in maintaining a healthy weight is an individual, holistic approach to overall health. One diet will not fit all, and individuals will have to have a trial-and-error approach to choose a diet that makes them feel and look great. In addition, neither a great physique nor full internal health cannot be achieved without exercise. The human body is designed to be mobile, agile, and active. The health of our blood vessels and lymph system depend on this, as does the oxygenation and nutrient distribution to the body. Mood-enhancing compounds called endorphins are also released during periods of intense workouts. 

See my next blog post for the basic principles of a balanced diet.