Day 55/365 - On what’s inside

Day 55

People are complex creatures. Often the multitude of dimensions inside the person is not displayed clearly on the outside, and rightly so. We are each composed of so many layers, which were built up by genetic and environmental factors. Often, we don’t show our deepest layers right away, if at all, to others. It may even be a mystery to ourselves if we are not attuned to self-reflection.

What then, is our true self? Is it the person we portray to the outside world, or is the way we feel on the inside? There is the ego-driven, successful, nice and confident ‘face’ that we like to wear and show off to the world. However, there are often self-conscious, fearful, parts of us lurking in the shadows of our being. Sometimes we let our guard down and give in to these darker feelings. Sometimes we even allow our worst personality traits be shown to the people closest to us. That’s an unfortunate outlet for our inner demons, because we should be showing our loved ones our best and brightest selves instead. 

How do you show your best self every time? It is exhausting to always wear the mask of perfection, to present yourself in the best light, to be seen like you want to be seen. The first step is to accept that you are not expected to be perfect. Let yourself just be your imperfectly perfect human self, and let that be okay. Sit with that. And know that all those inner hateful parts can be illuminated with just one thing: Love. Show love to yourself, and embrace those thoughts as parts of you that are there to teach and challenge you. You can grow through this with ease and grace, by keeping love in your heart. Then you can extend that love to your closest people, your tribe, and then have it extend all the way to the world outside.