Day 50/365 - On beauty from inside out (part 1)

Day 50 (woo-hoo!)

What a difference our skin makes to overall impression, beauty, and confidence! It’s the first thing that people see when they look at you, and the final physical barrier between your inside and outside worlds. 

Having problematic, acne-prone, hyperpigmented and scarred skin is definitely an unpleasant thing to see, and worse to experience. It creates feelings of paranoia and low self-esteem in the bearer of such skin. They may wonder if people are judging them, perhaps deeming their hygiene unsatisfactory, or their diet laden with bad fats. They may also be wary of people feeling sorry for them, or worse - disgusted by them. They may feel they are wearing a mask, and that the skin doesn’t reflect who they are as individuals. Still others would try extremely hard to cover up their skin with tons of makeup, also a mask of sorts. Painful extraction methods (a.k.a. facials), may temporarily clear the skin, but never fully solves the problem - because the problem is more than skin deep. 

We have many sayings in our culture about skin, such as “love the skin you’re in,” “s/he has a glow about her/him,” and “beauty is from the inside out.” That last saying has a multitude of connotations. 

A person may be a beautiful human being due to having a charming, kind, witty personality. This will automatically radiate to the outside, and make an overall impression that the person is physically more pleasant to the eyes. The same happens when we love somebody and their characteristics make them seem even more attractive.