Day 32/365 - On core values

Day 32

Today, I was deciding on my top three core values, according to the methods described in this article. It was difficult to narrow down and prioritize what I care about and what represents me most. After deep contemplation, here is my final list, and the why’s behind each value. (P.S. It turned out to be in alphabetical order - the ABC’s!)

I try very hard to look deep within myself, and check in periodically with myself, about this very subject. I try to live authentically, within my means and boundaries, and according to my core beliefs, life purpose, and goals. It takes a lot of self-reflection to get to know oneself, and courage to act on this knowledge. It’s not an easy road, but it’s a very rewarding one. Living authentically means being true to who you are, both inside and outside. 
In other words: “Walk your talk.”

This may sound like an oddball, but I found myself drawn to this core value. It’s not because of vanity or a desire to see physical beauty, but the abstract concept of beauty that I find so indispensable. I don’t think I could live in a world where I didn’t find some source of comfort and solace in the aspects of it that I find beautiful, positive, and uplifting. Beauty for me represents all the emotions associated with higher vibrations, such as bliss, love and joy. Beauty encompasses all the earthly and heavenly bodies, that exist naturally and harmoniously. The laws of the natural universe that govern this perfect relationship of beings have been studied and attempted to be replicated by the imperfect human sciences and arts. We innately know nature to be beautiful and in one way or another, are always trying to capture it by studying it, painting it, producing vibrational sounds, or re-enacting it in our careers and leisure. I love living in a beautiful world, and as long as there is beauty, there is hope to create more of it.
Favorite song quote: “Beauty will save the world.”

This is my life’s purpose and the reason for my work in the field of health. I am extremely empathetic to people’s concerns and wish to be able to provide any assistance I can to help them on their journey to healing. I am passionate about my education in all fields of health and medicine so that I may be best equipped to help others, and myself, navigate to the sought after homeostatic state of being. We are all in this together, and we should lend each other helping hands.
“We are one.”