Day 46/365 - On optimism

Day 46

Are you an optimist? Or a realist? You know what they say, ‘realists’ are actually pessimists who don’t want to admit it. They justify their less-than-sunny predisposition on their rational mind, which doesn’t allow them to take things beyond their value. 

However, is our logic robbing us of our hope? The realist in us has set up defense mechanism to not get our hopes too high, so that they can’t be shattered later. Does this behavior really protect our dreams from failing, or does it empower our fear? 

Is it really possible to lead a healthy happy life when we are inhibiting our very ability to be hopeful and bright-eyed? We can either view the world as our friend or our enemy. The optimist chooses the former, and feels at ease even if they breathe the same polluted air or eats the occasional white-bun hamburger. The latter gets stressed out by even thinking about the possible contaminants in the air or top-notch organic gluten-free paleo meal. It’s a rare luxury in today’s world to be optimistic, I know. But otherwise, how shall we live?