Day 44/365 - On body intelligence

Day 44

I just had the most interesting and telling experience with tuning in to my body’s intelligence. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching and awareness practices in the past several years, but only with varying small degrees of success. Today, however, my world was shifted and my mind blown a little more open.

It happened in a small intimate setting that I found through a Meetup group. A spiritual healer/shaman led the six participants into a group meditation, and guided each of us on how to go deeper into our individual visceral feelings. A flood of feelings gradually filled me, and I found myself feeling them, breathing into them, and analyzing them. I also was preparing to put these perceptions into words when it would me my turn to describe what I was feeling (we went in a circle, eyes closed, in a bout of 3 rounds). Although the self-analysis was a bit distracting, I found out a lot of things that I didn’t know I was feeling, and was able to perceive it and put a name to it. Sharing what I was feeling out loud helped me release some of these emotions and fears, and create a sort of catharsis.

Prior to this experience, I totally underestimated the span of my body intelligence. I always doubted by ‘inner voice’ and was unsure of how to connect to it consciously or not. Now I’m sure that it’s there, and it can offer an enormous vastness of information that can guide me along my path. All I have to do is tune in and listen. And learn to surrender and trust it.