Day 43/365 - On carpe diem

Day 43

Today was a good, ‘me-time’ Sunday. It started with a late breakfast at the parents’ house, followed by a brisk walk in semi-rainy-icy weather, bath time, a paint session, and finally, some light TV viewing. Netflix suggestion for me was to watch “No tomorrow” - which is exactly what I did.

Just from the first episode, the show was able to portray the internal battle that has become thematic in my life. I’m not talking about perpetual doomsday/apocalypse/conspiracy theory paranoias, but the premise of ‘carpe diem’ - Latin for ‘seize the day.’ I often feel like it takes tightrope-walking skills to balance living in the present with planning and saving for the future (or a rainy day). The show made me wonder: is it really possible to only be concerned with living one day at a time?

Overall, the show promises to be a light, humorous and silly way of looking at what’s possible in one’s life. It offers insight to the numerous range of ways one can truly ‘seize the day.’ You don’t have to believe the world will end in 8 months, or quit your normal life cold-turkey, becoming a nomadic spiritual hippie without a care for what tomorrow will bring. But you can make a bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to do, and make it a point to cross off items daily. This will bring you closer to seizing the day on your terms. 
I liked the show’s overall positivity and good vibes. I would write more, but I have to go write my bucket list now.