Day 40/365 - On intuition

Day 40

On a snowy day, it was a perfect time to catch up on reading and then cuddle up with a movie. I turned on Netflix, and got drawn to a strange-sounding titled film: InnSaei. It turned out to be an Icelandic film, the title of which means “intuition,” or “to see from the inside.” It was a captivating and beautiful film, shot in an artistic-documentary style, exploring what it really means to be intuitive. 

Intuition is not just a “woo-woo” fluffy concept; there is scientific evidence of where it exists in the brain, and many experiments have measured various aspects of it. Experts on the subject agree that intuition is the interconnectedness of the perception signals the brain receives and interprets. It’s the wide-field view added to the logical/rational mind by the right hemisphere. 

Unfortunately, in today’s world a lot of people have lost touch with their intuition. It has been tuned out by all the noise and distraction of modern living, such as TV/media and electronic gadgets we have our eyes glued to 24/7. Most of all, we lost touch with nature. Nature is the key to opening up and using all of our senses - the 6th being intuition. Nature shows us how to be in tune with the cycle of life and to be in the present moment. Nature is our ally and savior.