Day 31/365 - On self-love

Day 31

What better note to end the first month of my blog on than some self-lovin’? Hey, it would be great to do some of that in the beginning, middle or end of the blog...better yet at all these points, preferably daily! This can be accomplished with meditation and gratitude practices. By appreciating the self, we gain confidence and self-esteem.

This morning I heard a great song about a great person whom the singer loves, and it turns out the singer is addressing himself! I had a blast listening to it, analyzing the lyrics, laughing, and singing along. The singer started the song off complimenting a mysterious entity in the second person; it later panned out that he was addressing himself. He sang that no matter what the situation, he can count on himself to face it. Even when he is alone or in a jam, he has himself, and even when he is mad at himself, he will ask for and grant forgiveness. The chorus was “You have me, and I have you!” I’m translating from Russian, and the original sounds much more alluring and has a fun rhythm and flow to it (The band is called "Fruit Kefir" and the song is called "There is no one better than you"). 

Instantly, the song put me in a good mood and I was bobbing along to its humor, which has some prophetic truth to it. It got me to thinking that we should all have this attitude with us throughout the day, and throughout life, especially when the going gets tough. We are never alone, and can always count that our body and our soul is there for us. Our body is the temple that houses our soul, and we should honor and appreciate how much it does for us in the physical world. We should also take care of our emotional health, and be grateful for all the positive qualities we possess. No matter where we are in the world and in life’s standing, there we are. We are there for us, and we need to love ourselves. A little self-love goes a long way toward improving our health, mood and outlook on life. So laugh a little and love a lot, starting with yourself!