Day 9/365 - On productivity under pressure

Day 9

Days always go by in a blur when traveling. Especially when you are packing on the day of travel. Today is one of those days for me. Stressful but exciting! Finally got a small window of time to write a little something. Yay!

A little pressure is always good to get the wheels going. I find when I have too much on my plate, I feel pressured to maximize productivity, but feel stressed about it. When I have too little, however, I feel under stimulated and it turns into a bunch of spare/leisure time that in turns guilt trips me (i.e. I feel lazy and unproductive). In between this there is some balanced point. It’s called eustress (eu - from the Greek root for ‘normal’) - the perfect middle between stress and relaxation that is optimal to get you motivated enough to get stuff done but not overly jumpy or tense.

Anyway I’m on the plane now, going to try to post this ASAP to meet my self-imposed deadline. Hoping for a safe, pleasant and restful (not likely on economy though) flight!