Day 8/365 - On intention and follow-through

Day 8

A full week has passed since I started this 365 daily post challenge/resolution. It’s already proving difficult to follow through. But I am determined and hopeful of my perseverance.

It takes work and dedication to set any project in motion. We should not be afraid of the work. Our passions are the driving force behind all the man-made things on this planet. It’s remarkable how much we have accomplished individually and collectively. It never ceases to amaze me how much the human mind can dream up and the body can materialize; when we align our energy to something is when the magic happens.

It’s hard to gauge what exactly we are ‘meant’ to do in life, what our mission is. But if we listen intuitively, tune into our internal wisdom, we can usually determine our driving force. Like I mentioned before, its telltale sign is the pleasure factor. We are drawn to things that are interesting and intriguing for us, and we usually get lost in time when we take part in our areas of passion.

Today I want to honor our intention and follow-through. Both are needed for our creativity to come to life and become creations. Let’s be patient in uncovering our hidden talents, but ruthlessly perseverant in our efforts to bring our dreams to life.