Day 6/365 - On doers vs. thinkers

Day 6

Well done is better than well said, a wise man once said. No pun intended, ha. I don’t even know if that counted as a pun. Regardless, I think this is such an important concept, and there’s no way around it but to discuss it first; then go out and act on it (if I successfully drive the main point home). The thing is, actions speak louder than words. 

No matter how you slice it, it is proven every time that saying is different from doing. I believe there are two type of people in this word: the doers, and the thinkers. Okay, maybe there are more, like the talkers and the thinkers that think they are the doers. Fine, let’s pretend there are these 4 prototypes.

  1. The first, the doers, are those that take action. They are the heroes of the story, the protagonist, the ones who lead. They attack in a game of chess, and make it in life.
  2. The thinkers are the artists, philosophers, dreamers. They are idealists that have just as much fun in the physical world as in their head/alternate dream lalaland life.
  3. The talkers describe everything that they do at length, but actually don’t get anything done. Arguably, they are the thinkers that are trying to be boastful of their nonexistent accomplishments, and are also living in an alternate universe, but are annoying in social situations.
  4. The people who mistakenly think themselves as doers, are mostly observers (complainers) that see a lot of wrong in the world, but don’t actually take action to attempt to change anything. Perhaps they know of potential strategies/solutions but are afraid to make any steps towards what they preach about. So they live their life in fear rather than action.

Well that’s kind of a depressing picture. Maybe 3 and 4 really can go as subheadings to 2, which would fit in with my original 2-type-people world depiction.

Anyway, I hope you see my point - the doers are the ones who actually lead to change in the world, for better or worse. And with enough of us doing GOOD, it will eventually lead up to a net cumulative positive change on the world. So let’s do this. Let’s be the agents of positive change, and take actions to give weight to our words.