Day 5/365 - On time management

Day 5

Hmm, as I started to type today’s date, I first wrote the year of my birth, and then 1017. Typos all around, heh. Or perhaps it’s telling of today’s theme: time.

We only have one life to live (for all we know anyway), and even if we didn’t, we should still make every second of our time here count. Whether or not you believe in destiny, past lives, doesn’t matter, because in the end each of us has a limited amount of time in the physical plane of existence (whether it spans in one lifetime or not).Time is the great equalizer because each of us have the same 24 hours in a day to do with as we please. 

Some people live prudently, planning the use of time to the end of old age; while others live vicariously and recklessly, just thinking about the present moment. As with most things, there is a balance to be struck with time management. For each person, it’s crucial to find the golden middle of this equation: focusing on the present while leaving a little safety net for the future.
This touches on the topic of the last post, that enjoyment should be a primary target and compass for us. We naturally gravitate to things that are enjoyable to us, and following our passions may just be right. Animals have instincts, while we have our gut to guide us. However, humans have the higher functioning frontal cortex added to the mix that makes us question ‘gut feelings.’ 

While our judgement is a great tool that has been useful to our evolution and survival as a species, we must also tune into our inner voice to guide us. Personal fulfillment comes when we listen to that voice, and sometimes give in to our ‘temptations’ that beckon. Who knows if there will ever be another time to act on our desires?

Time is a gift, and should be treated as such. We should use it wisely, but also enjoy it fully and profoundly.