Day 30/365 - On forgiveness

Day 30

Continuing from yesterday’s lessons, another topic we touched on was forgiveness. In order to truly heal from emotional baggage we carry around is to actively forgive, both others and yourself. The blame, anger and resentment we have inside us, knowingly or not, is slowly killing us. Eventually emotional trauma changes the vibration of our cells, drains our spirit, and shows up as tissue damage and physical maladies. The symptoms of chronic diseases can usually be traced back to deeper layers of unhealthy patterns of behaviors.

Meditation, prayer, and forgiveness are amazing tools we can use to start to peel back those layers of trauma and raise our vibrational energy. Dr. Fratellone gave us an example of what he does in his practice to help clients with their forgiveness journey. He has them pick up hobbies, such as knitting, and knit a gift for the person they have trouble forgiving. Then he mails the gift anonymously to said person, as a token. That anger and resentment can finally transform into forgiveness, without a confrontation on either party. 

First and foremost, though, I believe you must forgive yourself. The most important and lengthy relationship in life is the one you have with yourself. You cannot move forward with light and grace in your journey until you come to accept and love yourself, or at the very least come to terms and forgive yourself for any conceived and real transgressions. We must learn to forgive ourselves the same way we forgive others. We must move on, having more knowledge and compassion behind us and know it will carry on ahead of us.