Day 29/365 - On perfect imperfection

Day 29

Today I had the honor and opportunity to listen to two completely different approaches of healing from respected teachers of different camps of medicine. One was a medical doctor specializing in integrative/functional medicine, and one was a Native American herbalist and advocate of ‘spirit medicine.’ Both were highly experienced and qualified professionals, and each point of view was fascinating and informative.

One thing that stuck out to me was Dr. Patrick Fratellone’s self-description as a ‘perfectly imperfect person.’ It got me to think that it’s true of any one of us, and any living being on this Earth. We are all so different minded, and that doesn’t make any one of us any more or less human. On some scale we can all relate to each other’s basic emotions, but we are each unique, and each with a unique gift. This resonated beautifully with Karyn Sander’s view that each being has their own vibrational energy, that is real and palpable as the physical body they inhabit.

On that note, we should embody our imperfections and rejoice in our uniqueness. The sooner we realize what makes us ‘tick,’ the sooner we can learn to love the mind/body/spirit that we are, and can right ourselves to our homeostatic balanced set point even when we get off track. Because we are human, and imperfect by definition, we should also learn to accept this fact as a given, and quit being so hard on ourselves and others with burdening expectations. We should learn to rejoice and be grateful more, and be less judgemental and overbearing. We can just be, instead of needing to do, do, do, and go, go, go, and prove ourselves. We should stop being addicted to ‘perfectionism’ in our accomplishment-driven culture. We need to realize that we are enough. We are worthy of complete love.